Hello November 2014!

This is my first entry. The last actually, haha sorry guys ive deleted all the entries, again and again! Dont get mad. Has been 5 month i didnt update my blog. Gosh, being lazy ass as usual. Hehe. Final is over and it ended well just great. Now waiting the results to come out. Swear it was the most breathtaking moment. I studied at the last minutes but whatever lets by gone be by gone & pray that i'll get my result with flying colurs or at least lulus semua subjek. Please? Time flies so fast, that I've already done 2nd semester and going to start my 3rd semester for couple more weeks.

Ok enough.

Did u know that i have a cat named ebot? *yes please! Haha as usual, bila balik rumah, i will drag her to bedroom and force her to sleep with me. i already noticed that she will woke up around 4-5 am to eat. Gosh this annoying cat! So lastnight, ebot is sleeping while i watched runningman. Watched 2 episode of runningman till i fall a sleep around 2.30 i guess? Then suddenly, feel that someone *or should be something is licking my cheeks *open the eyes lazily and saw a huge ebot! Yucks what is wrong with you! That time i looked at the clock and it was at 3.49 and going with are you kiddin me? I just fall a sleep and you disturbing me right now? Are you serious?! Ive gone mad! And ignore her. 

Idk what must i do, too sleepy. night!
Night stalker!

I just finished doing my assgnment. Subjek law. Esok ada quiz. Kami mcm biasa la watlek watpis dulu esok baru gelabah. Kbye
Has been awhile.
Things happened so fast that now im in senior year! Lagi 3 bulan habislah zaman diploma, inshaAllah. This year taught me so many things. Yesterday my grandmother passed away. It was unexpected and feel like dreaming. Rasa macam baru semalam jumpa mok. Tapi nak buat mcmana Allah lebih sayangkan dia. Semoga mok tenang di sana. semoga Allah panjangkan usia kedua-dua parents sy juga. Tahun ni je 5 org sedara yang pergi dijemput ilahi. Hm, Allah bagi ujian macamni sebenarnya untuk buka mata kita semua. To remind us untuk sentiasa berbuat baik.
Aku penat lah,
Penat jaga hati orang,
Penat pujuk hati suruh bersabar,
Penat nak jernihkan keadaan,
Penat nak menipu macam okay,
Penat nak pendam sorang-sorang,
Penat pikir tiap hari,
Penat nak nasihat,
Penat nak layan karenah,
Penat dengan semua benda.


Actually Idk where to begin, Idk what to say. Thank you is a very small word for the sacrifices you make every single day. From ur warm hugs to ur reassuring smile. Everything has made my life worthwhile. U're my 1st role model, friend and oso my 1st lahv! Im not a good daughter. Promise u i'll try my best after this to be a great daughter. Swear I cannot thank you enough for what uve done me. U were always there when I need you the most! i love you to the moon and never comeback mom!

ur cutey one,
Evening pals!

Its 230 and im still here, facing my lappie. Mengantuk tahap gaban. Tokleh bukak mata dah ni. Rasa nak tongkat guna mancis je. Cisssss. Bakpe la lama sangat praktikal ni. But guess what? tinggal lagi 2 minggu je lagi aku kat sini. Yeap 2 minggu gaisssss! Sangat-sangat tak sabar! Gonna meet my fav buddies! ok bye
There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.

Dont ask bcs i dont even know what the fck am i doing now. 
Its 7 am. Eh btw, bonjour fellas! I am training myself not to over sleep. Bcs almost everynight since angah takde i have a problem to sleep at night. Pathetic Anis is always pathetic. I've force myself, tutup lampu apa semua, but still, I canttttttttttttttttt. Defuq.

Now doing is listening tasha manshahor song. Masih perlu. Aaaa taktahu nak buat apa. Everyone is busy. Thanks to Angah & Z for accompany me lastnight. Well at least i have someone to talk to until i fall a sleep. And they was like u sleep i sleep, u dont sleep i dont sleep. Slept at 2am lastnight when they asked me to wait until they finish take a bath and drive. Sorry, and thanks!

Its thursday. slept around 4 am and woke up at 7.30 am, what is life? while I'm stressing out with my not-so-many-assignments I actually managed to spend my time watching runningman, hangout n blogging. Final test just around the corner. Then holidaysssssss babe! Cant wait to get out here. Urgh.

wake up so early today, go to class, then someone had told me ' Lepas hanta report dah boleh balik. ' I was like, whatthe? then balik bilik roomate call kata kelas cancel. Again i was like haih fakyu fakyu, Kalau tak boleh balik dari semalam lagi. Hmm i wanna go homeeeeeeeeeeee! *crying*